Friday, January 28, 2011

BMC Feds advance


  1. James, I really like what you did with these BMC figures. They do have some potential.

  2. Yes the BMC sets vary greatly in quality of contents. Some individual figures have dumpy legs and poor anatomy but other look great. Some of the ACW advancing figures look good. I like the moiunted generals. (Currently I'm making Lee into a Russian general with fur hat!) The officers in the ACW, Alamo and Yorktown sets are great. The accessories, like gun emplacements are very worthwhile. In the Aamo sets I like the bell topped Mexicans but the rank and file Texans are terrible, except that I find kneeling firing Texan very useful to add to my firing units of Action Pack Confederates to make a kneeling rank. (Strictly speaking the kneeling Texans muskets are so short that they would also make good dismounted cavalry).